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Kailash Yoga Ashram

Yoga & Meditation Retreats in Rishikesh

Food and Accommodation


The tour offers sattvic meals, including a balanced vegetarian menu of healthy and nutritious dishes. These dishes are prepared with particular attention to the quality and nutritional value of the ingredients:

Three meals a day: Participants are given three delicious and hearty vegetarian meals daily – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Seasonal fruits: The menu includes a variety of seasonal fruits, which provide an additional source of vitamins and minerals.

Sattvic diet: This type of diet promotes physical and spiritual well-being according to the principles of yoga. It helps maintain a lightness of the body and clarity of mind, which is essential for deep yoga and meditation practices.

Quality ingredients: All dishes are prepared from fresh, natural ingredients of high quality, providing optimal nutrition and taste.


Kailash yoga ashram is located in upper Tapovan Rishikesh on the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. It is open from three sides thus giving a incredible view of the city. Our ashram is situated in a lush green area and is in close proximity to many beautiful waterfalls.

Shared Room

* AC room for extra charge

Private Room

* AC room for extra charge