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“Kailash Yoga Ashram has Given Me a Unique Sense of Physical Release and Spiritual Opening.”

  • Since the age of 17, I have experienced many different styles and traditions of yoga. Kailash Yoga Ashram has given me a unique sense of physical release and spiritual opening that embodies the true meaning of yoga as a union. Instead of presenting yoga as a Western-style exercise, Kailash Yoga Ashram dwells on releasing the core spinal tensions that block freedom of motion, emotion and mindfulness. Through the guidance of loving teachers, I have discovered a practice that has improved my physical well-being and deepened my connection to all living things. Whether you want to add another dimension to your current practice or try yoga for the first time, Kailash Yoga Ashram will transform your experience of yourself and leave you with a feeling of bliss, freedom and purpose. – Kia Madden from Australia

“Kailash Yoga Ashram has brought balance into my hectic life.”

  • Kailash Yoga Ashram has brought balance into my hectic life. The time on my mat brings organisation to my cluttered mind, energy and rejuvenation to my body, and peace and serenity to my spirit. These invaluable lessons on the mat have spilt over into my life, and I can now better manage the stress and challenges of home and work. I have renewed strength in my body and core muscles, improving my balance, posture, tone and flexibility. I am so fortunate to have found Kailash Yoga Ashram and grateful for all I have experienced. I am looking forward to continuing on the journey of yoga. ~ Kim Sato

“My yoga practice with Kailash Yoga Ashram has become essential to my life.”

  • Kailash Yoga Ashram has taught me how to care for my physical and mental well-being through yoga. Besides teaching the physical yoga poses, Yogi Rohit teaches how to focus on the inner self for the peace within. Often, I go into yoga carrying the stories and problems of the day. Coming out of the yoga practice, I am renewed physically, relaxed mentally, and have regained my sense of well-being. My yoga practice has become an essential part of my life. Rohit Ji is the best yoga teacher I have had in my 15 years of practising yoga, and I highly recommend everyone to discover extraordinary yoga practice. ~ Wenli
  • I was always a no-pain, no-gain guy and never thought yoga could help me. But with two bad knees and after a total knee replacement on one, I was looking for an activity that would safely stress the knee so my legs would get stronger and my knees healthier. Kailash Yoga Ashram is excellent at making you aware of poses that could be difficult on the knees and knowing which poses can help strengthen them without causing distress. Yoga has improved my posture and balance, and my legs feel more robust than in years! ~ Martin M.
  • We have enjoyed the classes. The class was ideally suited to whatever ailment we had upon arrival. The teachers are natural and constructively explain things, ensuring we work with our bodies as it is today. Yoga has been a fantastic addition to our weekend, and we feel the benefits almost immediately. My experience of the classes has been extremely positive. There is not something I would want to be improved. The small class size is also beneficial and makes for great yoga. ~ A&V Codrington