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Kailash Yoga Ashram

Yoga & Meditation Retreats in Rishikesh


Kailash Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, India


Discover the world of inner harmony and self-discovery with yoga retreats, carefully created by a Russian girl and an Indian guru. These trips offer a unique combination of spiritual practices and deep knowledge in the field of yoga, wrapped in the magical atmosphere of India.Our mission is to provide you with not only an unforgettable vacation, but also the opportunity for significant changes in your life, opening up new horizons and paths to your present.

A unique journey into the heart of India

Kailash Yoga Ashram invites you to 3, 7 and day yoga tours, which are not just trips, but a whole immersion into the wonderful world of India. This is a country where every stone and every corner breathes history and traditions. We will take you on a journey where you can experience the unique rhythm and spirit of this unusual country.

Created with love and care

Our yoga tours have been designed with special attention to detail. They were created as a joint project of a Russian girl and an Indian guru who combined knowledge and love for yoga and India. We aspire to make your stay here not only comfortable, but also spiritually enriching.

Immersion in culture and traditions

We are sure that a real trip is not just sightseeing, but also a deep immersion in culture and lifestyle. You will feel like a part of India by visiting local temples, participating in traditional ceremonies and meeting with local people. This is a unique chance to see India from the inside, through the eyes of those who love and know it.

Not only a journey, but also a path to self-discovery

Your journey with Kailash Yoga Ashram will be a path to self-discovery and inner harmony. Yoga tour in India is an opportunity to step away from the daily hustle and bustle, learn to listen to your body and soul, find inner balance and harmony.

A combination of rest and spiritual development

We offer you a unique balance between physical relaxation and spiritual enrichment. Our yoga classes, meditations and spiritual practices are complemented by excursions, educational meetings and stays in amazing places, which makes this tour unforgettable and beneficial for body and soul.

Why Kailash Yoga Ashram?

  • We aim to create a welcoming and serene space for our yogis in a world that’s always moving. We invite you to join us to decompress, destress, and align yourself with the joy inside you.
  • The goal was to build a yoga studio that encompasses a variety of teaching styles from a variety of teachers for a variety of yogis.
  • Our classes support the growth of all levels of clients, and we cater to all yoga practices, from slow, deep stretch yoga to a faster flow style.
  • We are so excited to welcome you to the space we have created. Our members frequently comment on the serenity they find here.

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