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Yoga for Happiness

Yoga for happiness

Yoga for happiness – All people wish to be happy! Permanent happiness is a seemingly simple desire, yet it can elude the best efforts of everyone. Yoga is a traditional and cultural science of India. The word yoga is derived from the ancient Indian Sanskrit language and means union or to join. Yoga is a scientific art of mastering the physical body through the postures (asanas). Through careful practice of yoga asanas and breath awareness, the mind becomes calm and relaxed. Everyone can practice yoga and gain greater happiness. The practice of yoga can lead us to a deep state of peace.

Today, yoga is mostly associated with physical postures (asanas); however, these asanas are only one part of the eightfold system of yoga, which includes concentration and meditation! As part of the traditional teachings of the East, yoga was taught as an adjunct to breathing exercises (pranayama), which led to control of the mind and senses through the practice of meditation.

Yoga for Happiness

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Breathing – Yoga for happiness

Breath is life! When we practice Yoga we become more aware of how we breathe. Good breathing habits enable the whole body system to become healthier, and the mind to become calmer. The yoga system of exercise is unique in its complete rejuvenating influence on the entire being. The good effects of yoga go far beyond physical benefits, becoming an exercise in concentration and meditation. Yoga helps you to drop the tensions, anxieties, and inhibitions that prevent you from being fully your true self.

A yoga lifestyle is based on simple living and high thinking and incorporates exercise, breathing, diet, relaxation, and positive thinking/meditation. The true goal of Yoga can be reached, and that is the union of our spiritual self with the divine consciousness, with happiness as the result!