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Ayurvedic Retreat & Spa Experience

Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is a system of Indian traditions. Ayurveda is a discipline of the Vedas or auxiliary knowledge i.e. Vedic tradition. Ayurvedic practices include the use of herbal medicines mineral or metal supplementation (rasa Shastra) Surgical Techniques and various therapies through Panchakarma. Ayurveda names three element substances, The Doshas (called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), and states that a balance of Doshas results in health while an imbalance results in diseases. Balance is emphasized and suppressing natural urges is claimed to lead to illness. Ayurveda regards physical existence, mental existence, and personality as a unit with each element being able to influence the others. This is a holistic approach used during diagnosis and therapy and is a fundamental aspect of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda the technique of Panchakarma eliminates toxic elements from the body. Panchakarma includes Vamana, virechana, Basti, and Nasya, It is preceded by poorvakarms and followed by Panchakarma.

Ayurveda also focuses on exercise, Yoga, Meditation, and proper Diet according to the Body’s constitution.

Ayurveda Retreat


This five-day retreat is a suitable option if you’d like a shorter retreat program. It’s ideal for recharging your batteries, relaxing your mind and gently purifying your body. You’ll receive a two-hour Abhyanga massage and Shirodhara therapy each day as well as practice gentle yoga exercises and meditation. Personal development sessions may also be prescribed. Your diet will be light and vegetarian with fresh, organic vegetable juices, soups, and rice/lentil dishes.


This seven-day detox program is the ideal introduction and preparation for the more intensive Panchakarma Detox Programme. It’s an excellent choice if you wish to experience profound rest, achieve freedom from stress or stress-related issues, or simply wish to lose some excess weight. Each day, you’ll receive a two-hour Ayurvedic massage and sedan therapy, along with personal lifestyle and health coaching, or yoga and meditation. Specially prescribed meals will ensure you receive optimum nutrition without hunger.


This ten-day Ayurveda Panchakarma Detox program is more intensive than the Ayurveda Detox Retreat. You’ll receive daily Ayurvedic massage treatments along with a specialized Ayurvedic diet supplemented by gentle purification treatments called basis. Scientific studies have shown that this program can reduce biological aging by up to five years. It’s specifically recommended if you’re serious about losing weight – if you need to lose it you will, and if you don’t, you won’t lose too much. This program is the ideal option if you need to resolve deep-rooted health issues. In this regard, longer home visits may be conducted by arrangement if deemed necessary to achieve relief from long-standing chronic health complaints.

Please contact Rohit on tel: +91 9119065656 for further information regarding availability and tariff.